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Post  Dizzle on Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:49 pm

I was kind of set up to be disappointed in this movie. I really liked it though. Unfortunately the big reveal had already been spoiled for me. In a Mars Exploration class in college I had a nutty professor who brought up the Voyager satellite. We were talking about how beautifully sad and almost poetic it was to send this little satellite of into space eventually to go further than any of us would ever see or know floating further and further out while slowly dying alone. He briefly mentioned a Star Trek movie and I couldn't help but to make the connection between VYGER and the story.

I liked the story a lot. Having said that, I do feel like it was just kind of an extension of the idea from S2E3 The Changeling.

I like how Admiral Kirk just decides to go off into space at the end and cruise around a bit. I guess the federation owes him a little slack.


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